ARDEN'BEEF...  The perfect beef!

Arden'beef is meat from females born and bred in the Belgian Ardennes.

Ardennes has been a farming region for many years and its natural setting boasts some fantastic pastureland and fodder that are perfect for the peaceful breeding of cattle.

In this area, the concepts of animal welfare, short supply chains and sustainable development are much more than just catchy slogans.

Premium meat

Arden'beef produces “premium” meat from “culard” or double-muscled animals. They are bred wholly in accordance with animal welfare legislation. For a large part of their lives, they have access to the green pastures of Ardennes.
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Ardennes cattle

Arden’beef makes sure that its meat comes from breeders who share its values in terms of animal welfare and the quality of the end product. Their delicious meat is perfect for ageing, a process that gives it a specific flavour that is particularly popular with discerning consumers.
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Good for you!

This red meat is a great source of nutrients. If consumed regularly, it adds some healthy diversity to a balanced diet.
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Sustainable development

Every farm and its environment need to be clean and well looked after. Thanks to their ability to put carbon back into the land, cattle are essential in the fight against climate change.
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